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Is Bachmann A Bigot?
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
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July 18,2011

Last month, the New York State legislature passed a same-sex marriage law. The propaganda from same-sex marriage advocates wants to claim this as a historic victory for civil rights. In reality, the passage of the law seemed to be a historic suppression of the mother of all historic civil rights - the right to vote. In a manner of speaking, the fight was “fixed.”  This would have been a perfect contest for the Tea Party Movement to remind the New York Republican Party that if they threw traditional marriage advocates under the bus, such a move could make their party irrelevant in state politics in the years ahead.

Let’s examine a few unappreciated facts about this vote. For the first time in recent years, Republicans defected to the same-sex marriage side. The four that broke rank should be punished politically.  In addition, church-going Democrats who put aside their personal, moral, and religious convictions due to threats of bodily harm, internal Party coercion, and the fear of losing money from same-sex marriage lobbying groups should also be held to account.

Unfortunately, many concerned citizens only realized during the last six weeks of the contest the magnitude of the multimillion dollar battle. When the facts are fully known, the dollars invested by same-sex marriage advocates will shock and sadden many New Yorkers. We can expect the national same-sex marriage PR campaign to intensify because in many circles same-sex marriage is losing ground. This can demonstrated by recent polls done by the Alliance Defense Fund and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Council, which show the majority of Americans are becoming more resolute that marriage should be exclusively between a man and a woman. It is especially encouraging to hear that younger Hispanics (age 18-34) are intensely pro traditional marriage.

Returning to the national implications of the New York same-sex marriage law,

the only good news is that the defeat of pro traditional marriage forces will serve as a wake-up call for Maryland in 2012, just as the DC battle prepared them to stand their ground in Annapolis in 2011. Maryland citizens will now need to hold the line on traditional marriage for the entire nation.

How so? Even though gays boast of the inevitability of their victory, these issues will be answered ultimately at the Supreme Court level. Remember the gay winning streak is only one state long. Last year, they experienced a crushing defeat in Maryland and for this reason, they want to return. Therefore, marriage advocates from around the nation need to offer financial support and encourage their Maryland family members and friends ton engage vigorously in the battle. This struggle is not about whom people love or what they do behind closed doors. It’s about what future generations will be taught in school and whether marriage as an institution will remain intact, buoying our national moral and spiritual values or will we go the way of ancient Rome and Greece.

Our opponents know this is a critical time and that history does not support their claims that same-sex marriage will “do no lasting harm” to our culture. In fact, they cannot possibly win this battle if it protracted over many years. Long term, things look bad for them - - - they only have 6 victories (counting DC) as opposed to 31 victories on the traditional marriage side. Same-sex marriage proponents’ insistence on fighting this battle now, instead of in the future, is because they instinctively know the likelihood of a change in American sentiments about same-sex marriage.

hroughout history, diverse cultures and faiths have recognized marriage between one man and one woman as the best way to promote healthy families and societies.  This is because marriage between a man and a woman naturally builds families - mom, dad, and children - and gives hope the next generations will carry that family into the future.  Marriage between a man and a woman is a long-standing, world-wide principle that is a building block of society.

As we move into the political fray, we must remember our opponents want to make us seem like buffoons and bigots. The way the Iowa Marriage Pledge has been used against Michele Bachmann is a classic example of a great idea that was very poorly executed. Our experience in New York State shows there is a need to encourage candidates to declare their position on traditional marriage publicly. Nonetheless, the Iowa pledge rambled and had no one of color vetting the statement.

Michele Bachmann is being demonized because few things scare liberals more than women and minorities whom they cannot control. We must let these people know they will not be able control us. Make no mistake … same-sex marriage is a long term, generational threat to families and religious liberties in America. We must not allow a same-sex marriage victory in Maryland or any other state. Only you, I, and people of similar conviction can write the next page of America’s history. We can win this battle. It only requires we remain faithful until we receive a Supreme Court ruling within the next two years or so. Traditional marriage advocates must come out of the woodwork and let their voices be heard.

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