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A Father’s Day Nightmare
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
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June 22,2011

A Father’s Day Nightmare

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Late Father’s Day evening (June 19, 2011), I traveled all the way to New York to weigh in on the marriage battle raging in that state.  Aside from the irony of battling a process that could change the very definition of fatherhood in New York on Father’s Day, the trip was important for several other reasons.

If same-sex marriage becomes legal in New York it will definitely affect the nation because of its size, its role as an international media centers, and its cache' in the realm of culture. 


Why did I inconvenience myself on a wonderful family weekend? A call came to me from one of the members of the International Communion of Evangelical Churches (ICEC), a confederation of churches which I serve. Key pastors of our movement called the move to legalize same-sex marriage “a cultural crisis of the highest order.” They spoke with a unique combination of patriarchal, societal concern teamed with the angry resentment of someone who one has been brutally bullied.


For the New Yorkers on my team, the fact that Governor Cuomo toured the state campaigning for and promoting same-sex marriage was unconscionable. In the past week, Cuomo has declared that he will force the New York State legislature to remain in session until the Senate votes on same-sex marriage.


In response to Cuomo's intimidation and dictatorial approach to governing, awesome New York state leaders like Bishop Joseph Mattera of the City Action

Coalition, Duane Motley of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, and Senator Reuben Diaz (an ordained Christian minister) called a press conference and a rally on Monday June 20. As a tangible show of support and encouragement, I journeyed to New York to join my friends in their struggle to defend biblical marriage.


My trip yielded an unexpected result - I finally understood that same-sex marriage advocates feel they are losing ground. Their greatest fear is that the presidency and senate will change hands before they can reach their political and legislative objectives.  First, I experienced the massive media, propaganda campaign of the radical same-sex marriage lobby.


Let me describe my epiphany. On the taxi ride from the train station to my hotel in the Empire State's capital, I saw a colorful billboard featuring several handsome black men. The title of the board read “I am Gay.” I learned later that this billboard campaign was part of a very expensive and controversial, multi-media advertising campaign - promoting same-sex marriage. Designed to break down resistance to same-sex marriage within the African-American community, this billboard was just one of three renditions. These boards carry the following three messages: 1. I am Gay: This is where I pray (the copy is accompanied with picture of an elderly clergy man standing in a supportive position behind a seated young black man). 2. I am Gay: This is where I stay (this copy line is accompanied by a photo of what appears to be a husband and wife with two handsome homosexual men)   3. I am Gay: This is where I play (this copy is accompanied by a picture of three black men in front of a basketball court).


Second, when I arrived at the hotel, I was shocked by another phase of this media campaign. A television commercial featured an older heterosexual couple pleading with the viewing public to let their “monogamous” homosexual son have an opportunity to get married. This deceptive ad fails to mention that New York already recognizes same-sex marriages from other states, so this family's personal dream is already achievable. I had no idea of the scope and variety of ads, although I had heard of ads featuring celebrities like Russell Simmons and a host of others.


Third, I remembered that several of New York’s richest residents have collectively given millions to these media campaigns and the political ground game advocating same-sex marriage. What surprised me was the fame and profile of some of these folk who include New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg and several Wall Street’s highest fliers.


As I sat in my hotel room, I asked myself, “Can we really win this battle long term?” The answer is clearly, “Yes!” This battle will ultimately be settled at the ballot box and in the US Supreme Court. Even the Supreme Court will looking for the responses of biblical marriage advocates and we will engage the culture. We must stand strong for the next 24 months and we will win!


How did the rally go this past Monday? Hundreds of indigenous Bible-believing pastors converged on the New York State Capital. Further, the clergy decided that they would follow the example of the victors in the marriage battle in

Maryland. They walked the legislative halls and reminded their political leadership that they were “replaceable” public servants. Simultaneously,

Christian leaders began to sing the anthems of the civil rights movement. They also sang old fashioned songs like Nothing but the Blood, Victory is Mine, and Blessed Assurance.  As they worshiped God, many were moved to tears and filled with a sense of boldness and conviction. In their minds, the state legislature was asking them to deny their faith.


Although other faith traditions were involved in the rally, such as Orthodox

Jews and Muslims, the Christians felt honored and respected. They recognized the largely black and Hispanic clergy group was symbolically reclaiming the legacy of the civil rights movement by their songs and worship. Although the same sex-marriage movement is moneyed and organized, we will win because our cause is righteous.


America was greatest when her families were strongest. Our nation will be strong again! Call your family and friends in New York State. Ask them to call their state senator and delegate today!

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