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Double Standard in Civility Debate
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
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March 20,2011

Last month a black pastor, Rev. Anthony Moore of Carolina Baptist Church in Capital Heights, Maryland, took a stab at drawing a line in the sand on the same-sex marriage issue. He stood up for “civility” and actually apologized to the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transexual communities for the actions of the black church. Unfortunately for the well-meaning Rev. Moore, his testimony is being used to advance same-sex marriage activists’ agenda.

 For example, Ammanda Hess of TBD (formerly Newschannel 8) wrote, “… a handful of black church leaders are taking a first step toward inviting LGBT residents into the pews... hosted a forum billed as the ‘church's apology to the gay/lesbian/bisexual & transgender (LGBT) community & their loved ones.’”

 Surprisingly this pastor of a traditional black church and a handful of his peers have bought into the propaganda that they have somehow wronged same-sex couples by failing to rewrite the Bible and their church’s historic doctrinal positions on human sexuality and marriage. 

 Here is a statement from Rev. Moore’s church, as reported by the Washington Post, “For too long the church has been judgmental to those who experience same-sex attraction to their loved ones. Come and share with us how we can improve,” the event flyer read. “This is an opportunity for those who have been impacted to express their thoughts and feelings and be heard in a safe and nonjudgmental environment by those who wish to have a more welcoming community in the body of Christ.”

 Only Moore and his congregation know whether their dramatic change in doctrine and/or practice is based on conviction or an expectation of personal gain. For now, let’s assume the best. During my battle for marriage in DC, I learned that several heterosexual church organizers, who advocated same-sex marriage, were paid handsomely for their efforts. Same-sex proponents tend to work every possible angle to move their agenda forward.

 Therefore, I was not surprised when a new poll sponsored by The Washington Post and ABC News suggested that for the first time the majority of Americans support same-sex marriage. The poll claims 53 percent of the nation, versus 44 percent, strongly favor changing our marriage laws. In my opinion the poll seems terribly skewed and had all the earmarks of yet another sleight of hand maneuver to garner public sympathy while persecuting their opponents. Unfortunately for same-sex marriage advocates, the poll had only 1,005 people included in its sample, with a 3.5 percent standard of error. Further, the poll has an insufficient sample size to evaluate individual, racial minority groups reliably. Nonetheless pollsters suggest that the religious community has become more split over their support of same-sex marriage. Catholics, according to the poll, have increased their support for gay marriage by 23 percent; 57 percent of non-evangelical Protestants now support gay marriage; and evangelicals show an increase of support within their ranks.

 On the wings of the poll’s release, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on ABC News touting this poll loudly, declaring that legalization of same-sex marriage is inevitable. As he graced the screen with his visage, he did not seem like a statesman. His message and demeanor were that of a used car salesman. You know the kind - they will tell you whatever you want to hear - in hopes that you will just sign on the dotted line.

 The vice president and ABC News moved from objective news to extreme editorial advocacy. They wanted to project the idea that the administration’s desire to redefine marriage is somehow an expression of democracy instead of one with autocratic overreach.  Please remember that Biden’s words came just weeks after the president’s announcement that he was not going to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The timing of his announcement was a subtle attempt to influence legislators and judges in addition to the Department of Justice. In fact, the day after President Obama’s announcement, the Maryland State Senate passed an initial version of a same-sex marriage law. The president had given cover to state senators who knew they were violating the wishes of the people back home in their districts. After their rogue vote, numerous local and national voices condemned the president’s instructions to the DOJ.

 A growing number of grassroots organizations are repulsed by both the administration and the Democratic Party using their considerable power to push same-sex marriage down the throats of their citizens. Just two weeks ago, local legislators reported they were forced to rebuff personal appeals, phone calls, and messages from Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Russell Simmons, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, and President Obama, himself.  

 The Democratic Party in the state of Maryland threatened members of the House of Delegates they would suffer retribution from the party, if they did not “go along” with the bill. On the wings of the surprise defeat of a same-sex marriage law in Maryland, same-sex activists want to defuse the voter backlash that is mushrooming against both the state and federal administrations. Therefore, the poll was commissioned to save face and to attempt to dull the edge of the pro-family movement in Maryland and beyond. The release of the poll is having the opposite effect. Traditional marriage advocates are currently organizing in Maryland and elsewhere. In fact, voters across the nation are beginning to vow that they will never vote for Barack Obama again.

 I will never forget the feeling I had two years ago when my DC home address was printed in several newspapers and splashed all over the Internet. This event coincided with an interview on the O’Reilly Factor which exposed the fact that many people who demand tolerance of their worldview are often absolutely intolerant of others.

 What do I mean? As one of the organizers of Stand 4 Marriage DC and a vocal proponent of traditional marriage, I was forced to endure death threats, stalking, and thousands of protest calls and e-mails at my ministry offices.  Why is it right for people to threaten my family, employees, and myself?  The answer for me is obvious - there is collusion between the main stream media and radical progressive agendas.

 It appears the same-sex activists are running scared. They have reason to do so. They will lose the battle for marriage within the next 2-3 years – especially if President Obama is not reelected. We will fight but with legal, unintimidating, positive action. Join the fight. Check out www.thetruthinblackandwhite.com to learn more.


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