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Gods Dream For America
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
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July 17,2013

Originally Published  March 2008



It is obvious to everyone that America is going through a spiritual shaking. The economy is in disarray, racial strife is increasing, and domestic ministries struggle with a credibility problem. 

Now that the media has exposed the fact that the Church is not united, there is still a huge racial wound deep within the soul of the American Church. The healing that needs to happen in America around the issue of race will come from a truly anointed pulpit. Now is the time for the Church to decide to end segregated churches(except in mono-racial communities). The answer starts with prophet preaching that changes the heart of the Church. After that, we can change the heart of the nation.



Please remember that the revival that Tommy Tenney participated in at Houston began with the splitting of the pulpit. This next move of God is now beginning with the cleansing of the pulpit. We must ask ourselves, is it time for preachers of righteousness to stand up and declare the true Word of God? This Word will bring healing and deliverance to the Church. After the Church is healed, we will be able to heal and direct the nation. The Lord has shown me that as clearly as racism and class distinctions were revealed during the Katrina tragedy, the election is revealing that we have not dealt with the problems of race, gender, and class in our nation.

The 2008 election  brought an entire new slant on what “a person of faith” truly means. Candidates vie for votes by being pro-faith in one debate and pro-humanism in the next. More than ever, Christians need to make the definition clear, reflecting God’s Word alone. This year is a great opportunity to shine our light against the liberal darkness that is making inroads into the Church. After all, the election is an easy topic for discussion.



Preachers, prophets, and “political pundits” of Jeremiah’s day were developing dreams for the nation, but these dreams were of human origin and lacked the perspective and favor of the Lord.

The Church must be involved in shaping both morality and public policy. To do this successfully, we must grow in self-governance. We must root out religious hypocrisy and immorality within the Church, from those in leadership to the person in the last pew. The do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do approach of the modern Evangelical Church will not be tolerated if our voice is to be heard. I believe that the rash of reports of immorality among church leaders as well as politicians is God’s means to expose sin and rid us of hypocrisy. In order to gain an audience, integrity is paramount.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream incorporated these tenets. Integration is but a working model of what the Church can do to transform society. While white Americans believe that racial barriers have been eliminated, blacks still feel that true integration has not happened in America.


God also desires for the Church to stand against one of the most pervasive social dilemmas - - - materialism. Within the rank and file of local churches across America, we must preach mammon’s demise. Our toleration for the film industry, pornography, thug rap music, and other ills, which are fueled by the love of money; is unconscionable.


God’s dream for America, first and foremost, begins within the small unit within every house in America. From trailer to condo, apartment to suburban rancher, the family remains the first institution from which all other elements of society evolve. The Church has made a stand against abortion while our churched teens continue to have premarital sex and abort their babies.

The crisis for the family goes beyond abortion. We have been appalled at the open, lewd demonstrations of homosexuality, yet we divorce our partners at the same rate as secular society. God’s heart is for two parents of the opposite sex to raise families, which will in turn marry and lead the next generation. Premarital and marriage counseling efforts must increase, while we train healthy relationships how to stay healthy. God’s dream demands that this be front and center to the Christian community.

We are God’s conscience to the nation. Our Biblical worldview can transform society by affecting the people we touch on a daily basis. God’s purpose and therefore our purpose is not to catch people doing wrong, but to defend the truth, allowing it to reveal what is wrong so that we all are drawn to the forgiveness that is found in God’s love. The confrontation that truth requires is not pleasant, nor does it make you popular. You will be accused of being judgmental, but defending absolute truth is not judging; it is holding up a standard by which people must judge themselves or ultimately be judged by God.



Christians can no longer afford to put their heads in the sand and wish that the problems of America would just go away. We cannot afford to point the finger at government until we turn that accusing finger back toward our failures to fulfill God’s mandate. Prayer and action are the weapons for each person to participate in the Third Great Awakening. Our call to arms is a call to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. The living person of Jesus is the ultimate reformer of all societies beginning with our hearts as individuals and then moving to our churches, our communities and our nation at large. God’s dream is as big as the room we make in our hearts to embrace it and take it forward.

To successfully navigate this Awakening and the challenges that will accompany our ascendance to a new level of influence, we must accomplish two very important tasks. First, we must keep the core values that have defined the movement—the sanctity of human life, the preservation of marriage, and the defense of our Christian faith— as our top priorities. Secondly, without neglecting these core issues, we must also reshape our message and agenda to include other important issues that face our generation—issues like immigration, poverty, the environment, and racial reconciliation. We must lay out a strong moral platform and a strategy that will enable Bible-believing Christians of every color to stand together at this defining moment in the history of our nation.

If you want to participate in God’s dream in a greater way, I would challenge you to read the book that I have written with Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council.  Although we come from different backgrounds and experiences, we have joined together under the Biblical directives that should frame all Christians’ minds and choices in the elections this year. Racial reconciliation is just one of the seven issues:

All seven issues are as follows:

the value of life


poverty and justice

racial reconciliation

religious liberties

rebuilding the family

the environment and global warming

Personal Faith, Public Policy, (available at bookstores everywhere and at amazon.com) will give you points of prayer, strategic steps of action, and clear priorities for public policy.

We can either take the path toward a spiritual awakening that will touch not only our churches but also reform our nation’s policies, or we will veer left and take the path littered with once great nations. 

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